a father and daughter tag-team,
for the love and passion of realising dreams.
a human's mind is vast, infinite and further than the abyss,
and we paint fragments of it on canvases.

by doing this, is the dream of the father's retirement and balance of life for the daughter.
we're independent and self-taught and sure have a lot more to learn.
we're Ron & Fion BOON.

We specialise in Abstract Art, Scenic Paintings, Modern Paintings and Textured pieces.

Service:We will ensure highest quality of art pieces as well as customer service. For customisation, we'll listen to your desires and concepts. After detailed discussions and conceptualisations, we'll work on the art and try to produce it closest to what you dreamt of.


Quality:Materials used are of professional standard. We do not rush each work, rather, every stroke is a product of timely creativity flow.


Price:Pricing of artwork is valued based on several vital factors that contribute to the completion of work.Customisation work will be priced when discussions are finalised.


Ron Boon is a self-taught independent painting artist. He discovered the interest for art which developed into a passion since the age of 8.

He was unable to paint as often as he desired previously due to work commitment. However, since 2009, at the age of 62, he finally managed to fulfill his dream and started painting seriously on a full-time basis upon his retirement. He mainly uses acrylic paint on his art works.

"To be able to express myself in painting and having the capability to communicate with people who appreciate what they see through my visual expressions on canvas is of great joy and satisfaction." - Ron Boon






fion boon is also a self-taught independent painting artist.

she is a klutz who trips over the most bizarre situations. a dreamer who seeks comfort in idealistic wonders. enjoys weaving words into poetry. one who is certified with partial color-blindness. her works might turn out colorfully bizarre, unintentionally. :)

she developed her interest for art and painting at a very young age, influenced by her father, Ron Boon. her paintings are usually in psychedelic and vibrant colors, mostly heavily textured, using mixed media.

she loves photography, cooking & baking. She's also a Newborn Photographer.

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